Sollers Point

R | 120 min | Drama
Ratings: 100% ( 1 review)
Director: Matthew Porterfield
In inner cities like Baltimore, lack of employment often makes young men turn to a life of dealing d (More)

The Post

PG-13 | 115 min | Biography, Drama, History
Ratings: 100% ( 1 review)
Director: Steven Spielberg
A cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents pushed the country's first female newspaper publisher a (More)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

PG-13 | 152 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Ratings: 100% ( 1 review)
Director: Rian Johnson
Having taken her first steps into the Jedi world, Rey joins Luke Skywalker on an adventure with Leia (More)

The Shape of Water

R | 123 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Ratings: 100% ( 1 review)
Director: Guillermo del Toro
An other-worldly fairy tale, set against the backdrop of Cold War era America circa 1962. In the hid (More)


PG | 109 min | Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Ratings: 100% ( 0 review)
Director: Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina
Aspiring musician Miguel, confronted with his family's ancestral ban on music, enters the Land of th (More)

Justice League

PG-13 | 121 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Ratings: 100% ( 0 review)
Director: Zack Snyder
Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlist (More)

Thor: Ragnarok

PG-13 | 130 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy
Ratings: 100% ( 0 review)
Director: Taika Waititi
Imprisoned, the mighty Thor finds himself in a lethal gladiatorial contest against the Hulk, his for (More)


R | 91 min | Crime, Horror, Mystery
Ratings: 100% ( 1 review)
Director: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigat (More)

The Foreigner

R | 114 min | Action, Thriller
Ratings: 100% ( 0 review)
Director: Martin Campbell
A humble businessman with a buried past seeks justice when his daughter is killed in an act of terro (More)