Refer a Film Project to DreameGGs Funding Club

Investors in successful film projects have long enjoyed a share in the profits of their investments. Now you can too. If you make a direct introduction to a film project that DreameGGs Funding Club invests in via one of its single-project funds, you will be eligible to receive a commission from DreameGGs Funding Club for the referral (see Summary of Rules at bottom of page for more details).

Filmmakers: Apply to raise fund on Dreameggs Funding Club.


DreameGGs Funding Club Refer a Film Program

Refer a film project to DreameGGs and receive a commission!

Summary of Rules

1. Those who directly refer a movie to DreameGGs Funding Club will receive a commission based on the attached table if the following occur:

The film successfully 1) hatches via the DreameGGs platform and 2) there is an investment from the DreameGGs investment group in the targeted film project.

2. Film projects that are referred to DreameGGs Funding Club are put through the same process as any other projects.

3. If multiple parties refer the same film, we take the first referral that was offered for that film project, assuming it satisfies all other rules.

4. Only films that have not been previously presented/referred to DreameGGs Funding Club are eligible for a referral commission.

5. The commission is limited to the initial fund and does not apply to any subsequent funds that might be formed to fund the target such as funds for subsequent rounds.

6. The payout of the commission, if any, only occurs after the commission of the fund is paid to DreameGGs Funding Club by the fund pursuant to the terms of the applicable fund agreement.

7. The referring party will need to enter into a separate written agreement with DreameGGs in order for the commission to be effective and paid out.


If the amount raised for your referred film is over - but not over - the referral fee is:
0 10,000,000   0.5% of the amount over $0
10,000,001 40,000,000 50,000 plus 0.25% of the amount over $10,000,001
40,000,001 100,000,000 125,000 plus 0.125% of the amount over $40,000,001
100,000,001 no limit 200,000